Shandong Ocean Village Food Co., Ltd was established in September 2017, the registered capital is RMB50 million, the company is adjacent to the largest fishing port in northern China - SHIDAO port, where the sea, land and air traffic is convenient, and in 30 minutes, it will be able to reach the WEIHAI airport, where the three highways will meet here. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides with an exquisite scenery and the company has broad prospects for development.



Our main products now are squid products,like squid ring,squid tube,squid strip,squid pineapple and tentacles.We have dried squid products too.

We also sell makerel,silver promfet and other fresh seafood.

Dried seafood

Dried squid shredded,dried cod fish fillet and so on.

Frozen Seafood

Mainly are about squid

Other seafood

Makerel,Silver pomfret and so on.